At Augustana College Art Museum in Rock Island IL

  1. Opening reception, 5-7 p.m. Aug 25, Centennial Hall. There will be poetry reading (in collaboration with the Midwest Writing Center) at 6 pm.
  2. Rainbow Coalition Round Table, 7 p.m. Aug. 30, Centennial Hall. This round table will feature members of the original Rainbow Coalition. Representatives from the Young Patriots, Young Lords, Rising up Angry, and the Black Panthers will talk about the Rainbow Coalition and how it connects to the present. Audio of this event here.
  3. Women in the Black Panther Party + Young Lords: a Conversation, Sept. 28. See Augustana Fall Symposium Day schedule for time and location.
  4. Map the Power Workshop with Little Sis, 7 p.m. Oct. 7, Gerber Center, Gävle Room 3. This workshop will teach participants about the importance of mapping power and money as part of an organizing agenda.


  • January 14th, 6pm at Kelly Writers House: Performances by Thomas Graves and Jennifer Kidwell, Frank Sherlock, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela and Salem Collo-Julin. See video documentation here. (See detailed event description).
  • January 15th, time & location TBA: Self-Determination archive how-&-tell by Brad Duncan.
  • January 15th, 6pm at Slought Foundation: “Original Rainbow Coalition” including: a screening of American Revolution 2 (1969) Co-Directed by Mike Gray and Howard Alk introduced by Hy Thurman. Panel Discussion: Jakobi Williams, James Tracy, Amy Sonnie, and moderated by Edward Onaci. Listen to audio documentation here. (See detailed event description).
  • January 19th 6pm at Kelly Writers House: Rashayla Marie Brown and Amber Art and Design presentations. See video documentation here.
  • February 13th at Asian Arts Initiative: Falling In with Dan S. Wang and “Organize Your Own?” a panel on the work of four Asian American Socially-Engaged Artists: Dan S. Wang, Rosten Woo, Emily Chow Bluck and Aletheia Shin.
  • March 3rd 5pm at The Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery at Columbia College:  Opening reception.
  • March 5th 2pm at The Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery at Columbia College: Artists Talk with participating artists: Amber Art & Design, Dave Pabellon, Mary Patten, Dan S. Wang, Works Progress with Jayanthi Kyle. Watch video documentation here.
  • March 15th 6pm at The MCA Chicago: Organize Your Own? The discussion will start with a screening of an excerpt from the film American Revolution 2 (by the Film Group) and then proceed with a discussion about artists who are organizing in culturally and ethnically specific networks, including Eric J. Garcia, Nicole Marroquin, Maria Gaspar, moderated by artist and Organize Your Own publications editor Anthony Romero.
  • April 6th 6pm at Stage 2, 618 S. Michigan 2nd floor – Columbia College Chicago: Panel discussion about the original Rainbow Coalition Featuring Mike James, Billy Che, Hy Thurman, Paul Seigel, and Antonio Lopez, moderated by Rebecca Zorach. RSVP on Facebook.
  • April 8th 4pm-9pm in the Uptown Neighborhood: A walking tour of the Uptown neighborhood with Young Patriots Organization organizer Hy Thurman and special guests followed by a bluegrass concert at Carol’s Pub. Tour will meet 4pm at the front entrance of Target (4466 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640). Drinks and concert will meet at Carol’s Pub (4659 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640). This will also serve as a release event for the Time of the Phoenix poetry books from Wooden Leg Print + Press. RSVP on Facebook.
  • April 8th at The Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery at Columbia College: Dan S. Wang and theAsian American Cultural Affairs at Columbia College will host a discussion about Wang’s “Falling In” project for Organize Your Own.
  • April 9th 2pm at The Averill and Bernard Leviton Gallery at Columbia College: Thread Makes Blanket (Philadelphia) will host a chapbook publication release and a performance of My Black Rupture (Marie Alarcón and Anna Martine Whitehead), and additional readings by Cynthia Dewi Oka and Roger Reeves. The event will be emceed by Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela of Thread Makes Blanket. RSVP on Facebook.
  • Friday September 23rd: Catalog released in Philadelphia at Slought. The event will include a panel with Mark Nowak, Marissa Johnson Valenzuela, Anthony Romero, Mariame Kaba, and Sam Goul and releases for Thread Makes Blanket and Society Editions publications developed as part of Organize Your Own.  RSVP Here.

Chicago Photos by Dakota Lecos and April Alonso:

Philadelphia event photos by Paul Gargagliano: