Amber Art & Design

Exhibited Artist:


Urban Space Jockeys, 2015

Digital prints

22” x 30” each

Photo credits: Taji Nahl

Performance by: Ernel Martinez, Keir Johnston

“Documentation of site-specific public performances along Lancaster Avenue, which connects one of America’s wealthiest suburbs to West Philadelphia, a route that was implicitly involved in the Underground Railroad and also the endpoint of one of the first national highway systems, bringing new wealth and possibility to Philadelphia. Accompanied by a series of temporary monuments that stand as reminders of the legacies of injustice. Our practice employs artistic freedom in the exploration of archival material and works to re-contextualize historical narratives through the modern black male perspective.”

Amber Art & Design is comprised of five international public artists with years of specialized experience. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Amber Art and Design is committed to creating meaningful public art that is transcendent and continually challenges the norm with innovative designs and cutting edge fabrication.