Works Progress with Jayanthi Kyle


A wedding,

A funeral,

An uprising.
How does violence organize our relationships and communities? How do the mythologies we institutionalize obscure histories of abuse? Are we all, in some sense, working from a script? What happens when we break character and exit the stage? This project for OYO will take as its departure point three seemingly distinct events: A family wedding, a Police funeral, and a domestic uprising. Using found images and text, along with gathered reflections, Works Progress and Jayanthi Kyle will compose a new record of these events in the form of three original songs, presented on vinyl, and accompanied by a print publication. 

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Jayanthi Kyle and Shanai Matteson at the OYO artist talk in Chicago

Jayanthi Kyle is a Minneapolis-based vocalist in more than 7 bands, including Black Audience, Jayanthi Kyle and the Crybabies, Romantica, Gospel Machine, Davis Bain Band, Passed Presents, Give Get Sistet, Miss Pennie’s Microphone, and The Blacker The Berry Arts Collective. Her musical speciality is Gospel, African American Heritage/Roots, spirituals and work songs, folk, world, blues and Americana. She specializes in music for Arrivals and Departures (music for infants and funerals), is a mother to three, wife to one, and herself to all. She continues to work in the Million Artist Movement to dismantle racism and injustice towards people of color and dream collectively to produce actions for black liberation. She also works with Mama Mosaic on MN Girls Are Not For Sale, which seeks freedom for women and girl sex slaves in Minnesota. For OYO Kyle will be collaborating with Works Progress.

Works Progress Studio is an artistled LLC based in the Twin Cities of MinneapolisSt. Paul, Minnesota. Led by husband/wife Collaborative Directors Colin Kloecker and Shanai Matteson, Works Progress engages an expansive network of artists, designers, organizers, researchers and other creative people to realize imaginative public art and design projects rooted in place and purpose. For this project Works Progress will be collaborating with Jayanthi Kyle.